In 1969 our services has began in a wide range of construction and wood industry, carry on with it’s activities uninterruptedly as an application company with Naturel Ahsap which was restructured in 2004.

As a company, Naturel Ahsap Ins.Taah.Paz.San. ve Tic. Ltd Sti provides;
Constructions, wood applications (wooden curtain wall, wooden door, wooden window, etc ..), interior decorations (furniture production, furniture design, interior decoration projects, etc ..), project (detail, system solutions, etc ..), consulting and turnkey productions and applications.

Our company actively continues it’s productions in our factory located in Silivri Selimpasa which has a 8500 square meters of closed area as Turkey’s most largest and with the state of the art machines.


OUR VISION; To be one of the best and innovative company in the international arena by meeting the consumer expectations at the highest level with our wide range of services in the right quality.

OUR MISSION; To follow all existing and enhanced technologies and to design and implement safe, high quality construction and furniture projects / productions with reasonable costs.

Our aim; to provide the best service with accurate planning, accurate timing and accurate costing. While doing all of these, Naturel Ahsap wants to provide to the employees a better career and a positive ways for their developments.